Vella venetian plaster systems

OUR PRODUCTS ARE UNIQUE in that it can be run over Level 3 drywall finish, existing textured walls or even most painted surfaces without priming. Our system requires that two coats of plaster be applied using either a hawk or trowel, pan and drywall knife, or a 1/2-inch nap paint roller. In some instances the first coast can also be sprayed. The first coast will smooth out any minor imperfections in the wall, while creating a consistent base surface. With a good basecoat of plaster, the second coast will give the desired Venetian look and smooth effect.

TRAINING SEMINARS are available free of charge to the motivated wall and ceiling contractor. In the training seminars, even the novice finish contractor will expertly learn consistent application techniques, burnishing and even metallic enhancing, a Vella signature, which creates depth, character and luster not offered elsewhere.

Vella Venetian Plaster was recently featured in Sunset Magazine's Idea House and at the new home of the L.A. Philharmonic. To check on availability of Vella Venetian Plaster in your area or to arrange a free training seminar in the near future, please call (714) 279-0240





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